"Tragedy is only a way of assembling human misfortune, of subsuming it, and thus of justifying it by putting it in the form of a necessity, of a kind of wisdom, or of a purification. To reject this regeneration and to seek the technical means of not succumbing perfidiously (nothing is more insidious than tragedy) is today a necessary undertaking." - Roland Barthes

Crush - 1992 - Alison Maclean

Exotica - 1994 - Atom Egoyan

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Exotica - 1994 - Atom Egoyan.mkv_snapshot_00.51.11_[2018.01.09_21.28.09].jpg
Crush - 1992 - Alison Maclean.avi_snapshot_00.00.33_[2018.01.10_18.39.01].jpg