"Vernacular postmodernism has dealt with the 'crisis of
symbolic efficiency' in a far less intense way than Nick Land,
through metafictional anxieties about the function of the author,
and in television programs or films which expose the mecha-
nisms of their own productions and reflexively incorporate
discussions of their own status as commodities. But postmod-
ernism's supposed gestures of demystification do not evince
sophistication so much as a certain naivety, a conviction that
there were others, in the past, who really believed in the
Symbolic. In fact, of course, 'symbolic efficiency' was achieved
precisely by maintaining a clear distinction between a material-
empirical causality, and another, incorporeal causality proper to
the Symbolic..." - Mark Fisher, Capitalist Realism

First Blood - 1982 - Ted Kotcheff

Flooding With Love For The Kid - 2010 - Zachary Oberzan

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