"Therefore let us make the best of a bad matter; and, as it is impossible to hammer anything out of it for moral purpose, let us treat it aesthetically, and see if it will turn to account in that way." - Tomas De Quincy, On Murder Considered As One Of The Fine Arts

The Clockmaker of St. Paul - 1974 - Bertrand Tavernier
Panique - 1946 - Julien Duvivier

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L'Horloger de Saint-Paul - 1974 - Bertrand Tavernier.avi_snapshot_00.20.42_[2019.02.21_19.46.21].jpg
Panic - 1946 - Julien Duvivier.mkv_snapshot_00.57.48_[2019.02.20_22.41.59].jpg