Hundreds Of Dead Bodies #22 - Paperhouse

"Secrecy is as indispensable to human beings as fire, and as greatly feared. Both enhance and protect life, yet both can stifle, lay waste, spread out of all control. Both may be used to guard intimacy or to invade it, to nurture or to consume it." - Sissella Bok, 1982

Hundreds Of Dead Bodies #21 - They Have Changed Their Face

"There had been blood. Money and blood. All shoptalk, all expertise had a quality of battle about it, of exultation in the escape from danger. Something was always at stake, every moment you lived. No one could ever really afford to tell the truth. Even after hours, when the store was closed. But sometimes the truth was so good you couldn’t keep it to yourself" - Stanely Elkin, A Bad Man

Hundreds Of Dead Bodies #20 - Ginger Snaps

"... consider how the female body is made to materialize monstrous qualities by systems of power claiming knowledge of its corporeal signs, how these monstrous qualities are marked as secrets, and how these monstrous secrets become a commodity to be dispensed within these same systems of power. " - Sarah Allison Miller, Medieval Monstrosity and The Female

Hundreds Of Dead Bodies #19 - No Telling

"Pain seems to play a part in the process, and the way in which we gain new knowledge of our organs during painful illnesses is perhaps a model of the way by which in general we arrive at the idea of our own body" - Freud, The Ego And The Id

Hundreds Of Dead Bodies #16 - The Shout

"Waving his arms about, slowly. The music’s getting hotter. He stares out over his arm, half in the dark, he looks, his look is, incredibly intense. The fire comes back faint, then stronger. He seems to be wavering on the spot, half hunched-up, his arms close in to his chest. It’s like he’s doing some strange dance but he can’t quite balance" - Fionna Banner, The Nam

Hundreds Of Dead Bodies #13 - The Other Side of the Underneath

"More than ever, some sort of new arrangement seems in order, some dramatic and unknown arrangement – anything to find release from this heartbreaking sadness I suffer every minute of the day (and night), this killing sadness that feels as if it will never leave me no matter where I go or what I do or whom I may ever know" - Thomas Ligotti, The Bungalow House

Jane Arden - (1972) The Other Side of the Underneath.mkv_snapshot_00.42.47_[2016.10.11_23.16.19].jpg

Hundreds Of Dead Bodies #12 - A Page of Madness

"It is the custom for the barber to shave the deceased, to powder him, whiten his face and rouge his cheeks and lips, and dress him in a frock coat with patent leather shoes and black trousers, as if going to a ball, may God forbid—this shall not happen to Makso." - Testament of Hatji Makso Despic, drawn up in Sarajevo, 29 March 1921

Hundreds Of Dead Bodies #10 - You Are Not I

"I have reached the end of his dreary and repugnant tale of a sense interned in an alien carcass and lumpen by the malignant spirit of the moral majority

I have been dead for a long time

Back to my roots" - Sarah Kane, 4.48 Psychosis

Hundreds of Dead Bodies #9 - Unedited Footage of a Bear

"...'Therefore,' he reasoned with himself, 'it is love coming to claim me: I have been so long without love, hated at home, living in terror of my children’s lives: it is pure, tender, normal love.'
He began to think of other things..."  - Christina Stead, The Man Who Loved Children

Hundreds of Dead Bodies #8 - Tesis

"This guy's really my favourite kind of victim. Buried in his books, weighed down by cds and videocassettes. It's vile. Loves all the sick writers, accursed artists, degenerate whores. Likes his decadence arranged in alphabetical order. A good spectator, in good health. Knows how to apprecaite the genius of others, from afar, you know. And of course with moderation. Sleeps well, conscience always clear. What we did at his place was a moral duty. " - Virginie Despentes, Baise-Moi

Hundreds of Dead Bodies #7 - Cold Light Of Day

“Love: a hybrid emotion made up of various other emotions collaged by some weak individual's mind to try to quell a particular horror that's not been wiped out by more standardized symbols like Christ, etc. Nietzsche, right? Whatever.” - Dennis Cooper, Try

Hundreds Of Dead Bodies #6 - Rampage

"There are very definite aspects to our culture pattern which give psychopaths encouragement. In America we put great value on the acquisition of material gain, prestige, power, personal ascendance, and the competitive massing of goods." - William Krasner, The Psychopath in Our Society, Neurotica II, 1948 Thursday

Hundreds Of Dead Bodies #4 - Eyes Of Fire

"[She bites God in the wrist. An immense spurt of blood lacerates the stag, and through the biggest flash ofl ightning the Priest can be seen, making the sign oft he cross. When the lights go on again, all the characters are dead, and their corpses lie all over the ground...]"  - Antonin Artaud