#19 - You're Just Listening Too Slow

Solo episode where I talk about the unexplored potential of big data and rap music, prompted by reading an article about some Bob Dylan text analysis bullshit. 


#18 - Vending Machine Youtube

I'm joined by Mairead (@20000tinyjars) to talk about vending machines, youtube vlogs about vending machines, videos of people beating other people up and how youtube can work with the individual experience. 

This is the channel we primarily talk about: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLx3LXnWAAML6e59hhW3uKw

#17 - Covering Protest In Baltimore

I talk to Baltimore City Paper Deputy Editor Brandon Soderberg about the logistics, organization and consideration it has taken to cover the last few years of rallies and protest in Baltimore focused on endemic widescale police brutality


#16 - Comedy Post-Podcasting

I talk to comedian Gemma Flynn about what being a comedian is like post podcast boom and how to find an audience eager to laugh about, not at, rap music. 


#15 - Jason Shiga's Demon

I talk to comics critic Joe McCulloch about Jason Shiga's excellent comic Demon.



Full disclosure: this show is indirectly sponsored by this comic in a way which is too convoluted to explain so by all means construct an elaborate conspiracy theory. 


#14 - VR And The Immersive Fallacy

I speak to Frank Lantz about what people expect from VR, No Man's Sky and games in general. Frank is Director of the New York University Game Center and co-founder of Area/Code who created games like Drop7 and Parking Wars.



#13 - The Culture Of Weight Loss

I talk to Chris Spann about what losing weight and having weight to lose can do to your mind and how he navigated it. 



#11 - Everything will be deleted

I use Dennis Cooper's blog crisis to hyper-ventilate about the constant, tragic data loss that goes on every day. 


#10 - Morse/Lewis

Lisa and I talk about the mechanics of a couple of british crime procedurals.



#7 - One Perfect Shot

Solo episode where I talk through my thoughts on the one perfect shot account/approach, how I react to it and a couple of the most popular established kinds of film fandom. 
My One Perfect Shots


#6 - Entertainment

A conversation with composer Joseph Ohegyi (@nogangcolors) about Rick Alverson's recent movies Entertainment and The Comedy

Jack Caffery Special

A solo podcast where I review an entire series of splatterpunk paperback thrillers. 



#5 - Ti West's Sacrament

Journalist Brandon Soderberg and I use Ti West's Sacrament to talk about horror, being in a room, internet documentaries and a lot more.


#4 - Horror's ending problem

I talk to writer and cultural critic Claire Lobenfeld about horror's ending problem, punchline endings in horror and what Gregg Araki can do to a young mind.


#3 - The Thing

I talk to journalist Jason Walsh about The Thing and what he'd like horror to be. 



#2 - Candyman and Hating Horror

Built Dublin's Lisa Cassidy and I use Bernard Rose's Candyman to a different perspective on horror before discussing the role architecture plays in the film.