#10 - Morse/Lewis

Lisa and I talk about the mechanics of a couple of british crime procedurals.



#7 - One Perfect Shot

Solo episode where I talk through my thoughts on the one perfect shot account/approach, how I react to it and a couple of the most popular established kinds of film fandom. 
My One Perfect Shots


#6 - Entertainment

A conversation with composer Joseph Ohegyi (@nogangcolors) about Rick Alverson's recent movies Entertainment and The Comedy

Jack Caffery Special

A solo podcast where I review an entire series of splatterpunk paperback thrillers. 



#5 - Ti West's Sacrament

Journalist Brandon Soderberg and I use Ti West's Sacrament to talk about horror, being in a room, internet documentaries and a lot more.


#4 - Horror's ending problem

I talk to writer and cultural critic Claire Lobenfeld about horror's ending problem, punchline endings in horror and what Gregg Araki can do to a young mind.


#3 - The Thing

I talk to journalist Jason Walsh about The Thing and what he'd like horror to be. 



#2 - Candyman and Hating Horror

Built Dublin's Lisa Cassidy and I use Bernard Rose's Candyman to a different perspective on horror before discussing the role architecture plays in the film.